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Current Deposits

EBL Current Account

EBL Current Account gives you an array of services like online banking from any EBL Branch in Bangladesh, access to Internet banking as well as cheque book and debit card facility. With unlimited tran...

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EBL Current Plus

It’s always nice to get a little extra! EBL Current Plus is a unique Current account that comprises unlimited transaction facility with a wide list of Specialized Privileges. EBL Current Plus surel...

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RFCD Account

EBL RFCD Account

EBL RFCD is a Deposit account for resident Bangladeshis which can be opened with foreign exchange brought at the time of their return from abroad. Only Resident Bangladeshies can open this account....

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Savings Deposits

EBL Power Savings

Get the power of convenience, security and profit- all in one! EBL Power savings provides you with a handsome interest on your small deposits. The interest is paid to your account every month and the...

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EBL Classic Savings

Your familiar savings account- now with more ease and return! EBL Classic Savings is the timeless savings account that provides you the highest savings rate for any standard Savings Account. It’s a...

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EBL Max Saver

Maximum convenience. Maximum Security. Maximum Savings! With EBL Max Saver, you can have the security and growth of a Savings account while conducting your daily transactions with convenience- just l...

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EBL Premium Savings

A savings account for the truly premium among you! EBL Premium Savings is a tier based savings account that gives you the opportunity to earn more interest as your savings increases; with no transact...

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EBL 50+ Savings

Its time your money works for you! EBL 50+ Savings is a tier based savings account only for Senior Citizens of Bangladesh. With the opportunity to earn higher interest as your savings increases; and ...

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EBL Women’s Savings Account

A Smart choice- for Smart Women!

Designed exclusively for the female customers- EBL Women’s Savings is our most flexible tier based savings account. It's customized to provide you with...

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EBL Platinum Plus Savings

EBL Platinum Plus Savings is a special savings account that gives you some unique features and this account specifically designed to cater to the Upper segment customers with the willingness for earni...

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EBL Kotipoti Scheme

Becoming a Kotipoti-is now just a matter of time!

EBL Kotipoti Scheme is a monthly Savings Scheme with flexible long term tenure that gives you maturity Value of BDT 1 (one) Crore-with mont...

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EBL Multiplier

Multiply your Money ... and happiness too!

EBL Multiplier Scheme is a monthly Savings Scheme that doubles your initial deposit in span of Six years-with monthly installments as low as BDT 5,...

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EBL Millionaire Scheme

Being a millionaire is that simple

EBL Millionaire Scheme is a monthly Savings Scheme with flexible long term tenure that gives you maturity Value of BDT 1 (one) million-with monthly install...

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EBL Confidence

Watch your small savings become BIG!

With EBL Confidence, just select the time and the monthly deposit as per your requirement and see the magic of turning your small monthly savings into a ...

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EBL Women Millionaire DPS

EBL Women Millionaire DPS is a BDT 10,00,000 (BDT 10 lac) making plan through monthly deposits....

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Fixed Deposits

EBL Repeat

Extra income- every month!

Idle cash is certainly not ideal for you. EBL Repeat is a term deposit scheme that offers monthly return on your idle deposit over a certain period of time. Extra...

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EBL FD is term deposit accounts of different tenure for Bangladeshi Citizens only....

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EBL Matribhumi-NRB Banking

EBL Shonchoy

EBL Shonchoy is a daily interest bearing and monthly interest paying taka savings account for Non-Resident Bangladeshis (NRB). The Account is aimed to help NRBs saving their hard earned money in local...

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EBL Paribar

EBL Paribar is a daily interest bearing and monthly interest paying savings account for the families (Resident Bangladeshi) of Non Resident Bangladeshis. The account is for helping the Global Banglade...

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EBL NFCD (Non Resident Foreign Currency Deposit) Account is an interest bearing time deposit account for Non Resident Bangladeshis which can be opened with foreign exchange for a period of 1/3/6/12 mo...

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EBL Global

EBL Global is an FCY current account which can be opened in USD/GBP/Euro without restriction on transaction frequency. The account can be operated by the mandate by the account holder. Account fund re...

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Expat Accounts


Global Banking – Made Simple! EBL Expat FCY account is your best choice if you earn in foreign currency (USD/Euro/GBP) and want to transfer your earnings to your loved ones in your home country wit...

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Global Banking – Made Simple! EBL Expat LCY account gives you the convenience of saving your earnings in local currency, while enjoying fast and hassle free transfer of your BDT earnings to your ...

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