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SME Deposits

Exciting deposit products designed for Institutional/ Business/Non Individual Customers.

Eligibility Criteria:

Any permitted business/ institutional entity registered in Bangladesh/abroad with relevant permission.

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Current Deposits

EBL Current Account

Unlimited transaction facilities with affordable maintenance fee

EBL Current Account is a non interest bearing account designed for the institutional customers having the requirement of bulk transactions.

Best for you if you:

  • Look for bulk transactional facility
  • Non -interest bearing Account

Key Features:

  • Minimum Initial Deposit is BDT. 5,000
  • Online Banking Facility
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EBL Foreign Currency Account

Do your Business transactions in Foreign Currencies as well.

EBL Foreign Currency Account is a non-interest bearing foreign currency account for business entity registered in Bangladesh/abroad.

Best for you if you:

  • Look to do transactions in Foreign Currency: USD, GBP & EURO
  • Non-interest bearing foreign currency account

 Key Features:

  • Online Banking facility
  • Can transact in USD/GBP/ EURO
  • Minimum Account Opening Maintaining Balance: USD 150 or equivalent.
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EBL ERQ Account

Export earnings savings in Foreign Currency for exporters.

EBL ERQ Account gives eligible institutional customers the opportunity to retain a percentage of the received payment in the foreign currency.

Best for you if you:

  • Want to save a portion of repatriated export proceed in foreign currency

Key Features:

  • Online Banking Facility
  • Can save a portion of export proceed
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Fixed Deposit

EBL Fixed Deposits

Preferable invest option considering an assured return

Eastern Bank Ltd. offers FDRs in different tenors ranging from 1 Month to 3 Years exclusively for Non Individual Customers.

Best for you if you:

  • Want to invest with higher ROI for future benefits

Key Features include:

  • Higher Return with Safety & Service
  • Flexible Tenors: 1 Month/ 3 Months/45 Days/ 91 Days/ 150 Days/ 6 Months/ 182 Days/ 190 Days/364 Days/ 1 Year/ 380 Days/ 2 Years/ 3 Years
  • Auto Renewal Facility
  • Loan against FDR facility
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EBL Fixed Deposit - Repeat

Preferable invest option considering an assured monthly return. Repeat FDRs' are offered for different tenors exclusive for Non Individual Customers.

Best for you if you

  • Want to invest at the same time earn a monthly return

Key Features

  • Higher Return with Safety & Service
  • Flexible Tenors
  • Auto Renewal Facility

Account Opening Documents Requirement

  • General Documents Required to Opening an Account


  • As per SME Schedule of Charge
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Recurring Deposit

EBL Equity Builder Account

Small Savings bigger return

EBL Equity Builder Account is a monthly recurring savings scheme for Non Individual customers.

Best for you if you:

  • Ideal Financial Plan for accumulation of money

Key Features include:

  • Can open any multiple of Tk. 500 but not exceeding Tk. 50,000 per month
  • One enterprise can open multiple EBL Equity Builder account
  • Maturity Value may differ due to irregular payment of the monthly installments.
  • Auto transfer from CASA is available upon keeping the sufficient balance


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Short Noticed Deposit

EBL Short Notice Deposit

Small Savings through EBL SND

EBL Short Notice Deposit Account is a daily Interest bearing & Half Yearly Interest capitalized BDT Account designed for Institutional customers.

Best for you if you:

  • Want to earn interest on your daily maintained balance

Key Features:

Earn interest by maintaining balance

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EBL Subidha

Do Business & earn benefits with EBL Subidha

EBL Subdiha Account is exclusively designed for Institutional customer who want to earn interest and to transactions at the same time.

Best for you if  you:

  • Do transactions and earn interest

Key Features: 

  • Minimum Tk. 1 Lac day end balance is required to entitle the interest,
  • Interest will be calculated daily and capitalized half yearly
  • Zero Account Maintenance Fee for Average Account Balance of BDT. 1 Lac and above
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