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Eastern Bank Limited: Brand Communication
EBL’s communication initiatives leverage its renowned logo introduced in 2003, the tri-colour mnemonic signifying the colours of the sun, sky and mother earth. The vibrant colours of the logo radiate a sense of youthfulness. Different Brand surveys consistently show EBL as one of the most widely recognized financial brands in Bangladesh. EBL’s brand and visual identity have recently been evolved to match the Bank’s ambition and confidence. The concept of putting the vibrant yellow colour up front is underpinned by three core elements. The logo now stands alone on all communication materials amidst bright yellow delivering a premium, consistent and confident look and feel. The Bank’s corporate design of the tri-colour flow is supported by a well-defined brand personality highlighting EBL’s unique characteristics—a passionate, precise, confident and agile mind. The final element in the logo design is the claim, ‘Simple Math’ which demonstrates the passion that it promises.
EBL actively embraces its role as a corporate citizen. It regards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) not a charity, but an investment in society and in its own future. EBL’s goal as a responsible corporate citizen is to build social capital. The Bank leverages its core competencies in five areas of activity: through social investments it aims to create opportunities; with its involvement in art and music it fosters creativity; via its educational grant programme it enables talent; through its commitment to sustainability it ensures long term viability, and the Bank’s employees regularly participate in activities that provide social support.
EBL came forward to give succor to the AILA affected people of Satkhira with the supply of pure drinking water. Round the year, EBL participated in several social and community events and contributed towards the sustainable development of the community. EBL in cooperation with the Dhaka University Alumni Association (DUAA) has been regularly sponsoring the “EBL-DUAA Inspiration” – a financial grant programme which supports meritorious students of Dhaka University.
The HR motto of EBL is: “We do not offer jobs, we offer career.” EBL is widely recognized for its gender impartial work environment, corporate culture and best practices that attract and help retain top talents of the industry. EBL’s employees are its brands.
Recent Developments
To further strengthen EBL’s position as a market leader the Bank is set to launch two separate subsidiaries namely EBL Securities Ltd. and EBL Investment Ltd. to provide related services to its own customers and create new market. EBL has recently got approval for opening up two remittance subsidiaries under the name of EBL Exchange in Malaysia and United Kingdom. These new SBUs shall not only help EBL in expanding its geographic reach but also help exploring in newer markets. To provide the customers with cutting edge technology, EBL has recently upgraded its core banking software to Universal Banking System. EBL is the first bank in South Asia to use such banking solutions.
Brand Value
Eastern Bank’s claim, ‘Simple Math’ has always been much more than just a marketing slogan or an advertising strap line, it defines the way that the Bank does business. Through the consistent delivery of the promise EBL aims to live its brand promise of excellence, relevant client solutions and responsibility to all stakeholders.

Simple Math – as the strap line goes, EBL offers simplicity in all its banking services and products. From products and services to processes, EBL tries to uphold the essence of the message, simplicity. EBL strongly believes in investing in human capital and as such people is regarded as the most valuable asset of the company.

All in all, EBL has established itself as a valuable brand in Bangladesh symbolizing innovation, quality and trust.
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