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EBL Shonchoy EBL Paribar
EBL Paribar
NRB Banking
EBL Paribar is a daily interest bearing and monthly interest paying savings account for the families (Resident Bangladeshi) of Non Resident Bangladeshis. The account is for helping the Global Bangladeshis to maintain their family expenses locally.
The account will be on the beneficiary's name.
Any beneficiaries who are 18 years of age and receive money from abroad are eligible to open this account.
The NRB (Remitter) should have legal work permit/resident visa (in case of joint applicant by resident & non-resident)
Minimum Initial Deposit
BDT 1,000
Rate of Interest & Calculation
Attractive Interest rate accrued daily and paid monthly basis; Interest will be calculated on daily balance of the account. If EOD balance of the accounts falls below Tk. 10,000/-, no interest will be paid for that day.
Individual/Joint Applicant
The beneficiary can open account individually.
Beneficiary can open joint account with Resident Bangladeshi or the Non- Resident subject to resident being the sole operator.
Identification Documents
Following documents will be required if the account is opened by resident beneficiaries of NRB
One copy photograph of the beneficiary
One copy photograph of the nominee (must be attested on the back by the account holder)
Proof of identity (Passport, Driving License, National ID).
Completed account opening form.
In case of joint application (both resident beneficiaries of NRB) aforementioned papers will be required for both applicants.
In case of joint application (Resident & NRB- non-resident)
Following papers of NRB will be required
Photocopy of passport along with valid work permit visa
One copy photograph
Debit Card
Local Currency Debit Card will be issued for the Account Operator.
Internet Banking
Internet Banking facility available for 24x7 banking access
Fees & Charges
As per schedule of charge
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