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A special Account- for a Special You!
EBL Platinum Plus Savings is a special savings account that gives you some unique features and this account specifically designed to cater to the Upper segment customers with the willingness for earning more on their considerable deposit.
Best for you if you
Want to avail higher rate as your savings grows
Need Unlimited Transaction Facility
Want attractive added privileges
Enjoy higher rate as your savings grows
Interest paid monthly to your account
Interest Starts from BDT 100,000
Interest calculated on Average Balance
Unlimited cash withdrawal Allowed-no loss of interest for transaction
Comes with Visa Signature Debit Card & Cheque Book Facility
Minimum Age: 18 years
Citizen of Bangladesh
Special Customer Prepositions
Enhanced ATM withdrawal limit of BDT 1 lac per day!
Visa Signature Debit Card
Locker fee 50% waived for the first year
50% discount on processing fee of any student file
Special discounts from reputed vendors
Free ATM Transaction in any EBL ATM
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