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Introducing the EBL ACCA Card, a convenient solution for ACCA Bangladesh customers to make online payments of their exam registration and annual subscription fees. With your EBL ACCA Card, you will now be able to pay your fees without any hassle of paperwork and formalities of making a foreign currency fees draft. Just log on to 'My ACCA' account and register for exams or pay your annual subscription fees from the comfort of your home.
Card Issuance
EBL ACCA Card is a Prepaid Visa Card through which the ACCA examination and registration related payments can be made online. A one-time issuance fee of Tk. 200 plus VAT is charged for a Card with two year validity. To get your card, just fill out a "Card Application Form" and visit the selected EBL branches with requisite papers to get your Card.
Required Documents
Completed Application Form
One Passport Size Photograph of the Applicant
ACCA Bangladesh Verification Letter.
Passport Copy
National ID/Valid Photo ID Copy
Cash Loading
Cash loading in EBL ACCA Card is absolutely free!
ACCA fees are mentioned in British Pound. EBL ACCA Card is an USD denominated International Card. We advise the Cardholders to load 5% additional of their required amount on the Card to avoid Card decline due to shortage of fund. This shortage can result from foreign exchange rate variation at global level.
ACCA Fee in British Pound X Pound-BDT Conversion Rate of the Day = Converted BDT Amount
Converted BDT Amount / BDT-USD Conversion Rate of the Day = Converted USD Amount
Converted USD Amount X 1.05 = USD Amount to be loaded
USD Amount to be loaded X USD-BDT Conversion Rate of the Day = BDT Amount Payable to EBL
Please note: this additional 5% amount is not charged by EBL. The additional amount remains in the Card. If you need to pay ACCA fees again, the remaining balance of the Card adds up with your next loading. When you do not need to use the Card anymore just return the Card to your nearest EBL branch and we will refund the remaining balance of your Card in your Account with EBL. If you do not have EBL Account you can take the amount through pay-order by paying related fees.
Card Usage
When you buy your EBL ACCA Card from the branch there is a Card Mailer given in the Pack. Complete the acknowledgement slip part of the mailer, sign and give it back to the Branch Executive to activate the Card. Your Card will be activated within 24-hours.
Once activated your EBL ACCA Card can be used through Internet for the payment of ACCA related fees. Please note you cannot use the EBL ACCA Card in any POS or ATM.
Where do I get the EBL ACCA Card
You can get your EBL ACCA Card from the following EBL Branches:
Principal Branch
English Road Branch
Gulshan Branch
Sonargaon Road Branch
Dhanmondi Branch
Banani Branch
Agrabad Branch
Jubilee Road Branch
Other Areas
Khulna Branch
Rajshahi Branch
Bogra Branch
Sylhet Upashahar Branch
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