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EBL Diners Club International Global Prepaid Card
EBL Diners Club International Global Prepaid Card is an EMV-Secured, Foreign Currency Prepaid Card with a unique offering of 1% Cash-back on international purchase transactions, targeted for frequent international travelers, especially to India. EBL Diners Club Global Prepaid Cardholders will receive cash-back on valid international purchase transactions, in the first week of the following month.
The features of EBL Diners Club International Global Prepaid Card are given below for your information:
1% Cash-Back for international purchase transactions.
Secured EMV foreign currency prepaid card.
Transaction alert facility with every transaction.
Immediate cash withdrawal facility abroad* 24x7 at large Diners Club International & Discover ATM network.
Pay securely at international shops & restaurants*.
24x7 dedicated EBL Contact Center support.
No annual fee till card expires.
Excess balance refund on closure.
USD Amount loading from EBL Branch, EBL DROPBOX, SKYBANKING & I-BANKING (Amount to be converted from BDT to USD as per card payment rate, of respective day)
Card validity 3 years.
Global Diners Club & Discover network acceptance (excluding Bangladesh).
*EBL Diners Club Global Prepaid Card is useable only for Foreign Transaction (not in Bangladesh).
Eligibility and Documentary Requirements:
Minimum age: 18 years
Valid Bangladeshi Passport
Completed EBL Prepaid Card Application form
One Passport size photograph of the applicant
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