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The EBL Debit Card makes your life simpler
EBL Debit card is an EMV chip secured card that allows the clients access to their account to withdraw cash or pay for goods and services. This removes the need for the clients to go to the bank to remove cash from their account as they can now just go to an ATM or pay electronically at merchant locations.
Cashless Payments
EBL Debit Card is a payment card that lets you make virtually any kind of purchase with funds directly from your account. Therefore, there is no need to carry cash. You can use your EBL Debit Card at over 10,000 merchant and ATM locations countrywide. So let it be for shopping, dining or simply for taking the cash out you have 24x7 access to your own money.
Fast and convenient
To use the card for purchases, you simply dip your card, provide the PIN, sign the receipt and go. The purchase amount will be automatically deducted from your account. To use the card for cash out from ATMs, you simply insert your card at the ATM and then enter your PIN.
E-Commerce Payments
Take advantage of our EBL Debit card to make payments for your online transactions. EBL Debit card comes with Two Factor Authentication Service to make your online purchases more secured. You will receive a One Time Password (OTP) on your phone to complete the transaction.
Transaction Alert
Whenever you use EBL Debit Card- a system generated SMS will reach in your mobile phone stating your usage, date and time. This gives you complete control over your usage and peace of mind- as you can be assured of knowing any transaction that happens in your card.
Great Discounts
We have collaborated with hundreds of merchants for giving the EBL Debit Card users a hefty discount on their products and services. The great discounts in turn allows you either to save money or shop more with the same amount you are spending now. Less or more choice is yours. Spending has never been so great.
24X7 Contact Center
The EBL 24X7 Contact Center is equipped with a state-of-the-art system that ensures your queries being handled efficiently and promptly. For any card related query or information, all you need to do is dial +8802 8332232 from any phone, anywhere or if you are in Bangladesh dial 16230.
Limited Lost Card Liability
In case the card is lost or stolen, call our 24X7 Contact Center and report the loss of your card. A new Card will be issued to you at the earliest possible time. You are protected from any financial liability arising out of transactions done on your missing card, from the time you report the loss to us.
SKYBANKING App/Internet Banking
EBL SKYBANKING is a Mobile phone App based banking service accessible through your smartphone or tab from anywhere anytime. You can now perform all the basic banking services as and when required. You can view transaction summary, check account information, transfer funds, mobile recharge and many other banking activities using EBL SKYBANKING app. Our cardholders can also log into EBL Internet Banking to avail these services.
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