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EBL VISA Platinum Credit Card
Diners Club Credit Card
EBL Mastercard Titanium Credit Card
EBL MasterCard World Credit Card
EBL Corporate Cards
EBL Debit Cards
Debit Card
Global Debit Card
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Documents Required:
i. Individual Credit Card
a) Common Requirement
Completed Application Form
Valid Passport
National ID Copy/ Declaration if NID is not available
Other acceptable Photo ID copy ( if NID & Passport are not available)
Personal TIN/IT-88/Tax return submission slip copy
PP size photograph of applicant duly signed by the applicant and attested by source
Nominee's Photograph & Signature duly attested by the applicant. If applicant's sign does not match with any of the provided photo IDs, then declaration is required.
Signed Authorization Letter for B/S Verification
Completed CIB Form
b) Requirement for SALARIED
Requirement for Account Paid SALARIED
Latest salary Certificate/pay Slip with DOJ & Job Status Latest Salary Certificate/Pay Slip with DOJ & Job Status and to be signed-off by authorized person (line manager/HR/Accounts/Finance) with name seal (should contain designation and department)
Latest 3 months' Bank Statement for A/C Payee& Latest 3 months' Bank Statement reflecting 3 months' salary for fully A/C payee (B/S should not be more than 1 month old)
c) Requirement for Partially Account Paid SALARIED
Latest 6 months' cash vouchers required if cash portion is not mentioned in LOI/Pay slip and bank statement of 6 months (For partially A/C Payee only)
d) Requirement for Cash Paid SALARIED:
Latest Salary Certificate/ LOI to be signed-off by authorized person with name seal
Latest 6 Months' Bank Statement. (B/S should not be more than 1 month old)
e) Requirement for SELF EMPLOYED
Latest 6 months' Bank Statement (Personal/Firm)
Trade License (Latest and 2 years old)
Latest 6 months' Bank Statement (Personal/Firm)
Partnership Deed Copy
Trade License (Latest and 2 years old)
Partnership Deed (Registered/ Notarized)
Limited Company
Latest 6 months' Bank Statement (Both Personal and Company should not be more than 1 month old)
Memorandum and Articles of Association Copy
Certificate of Incorporation copy
Latest Schedule X Copy (must if MOA is over 2 yrs old)
Latest 6 months' Bank Statement (B/S should not be more than 1 month old)
BMDC Copy for Doctors who are MBBS only Certificate for Permission of Practice from appropriate authority for Lawyers, Engineers, and Consultants as deemed applicable.
Land Ownership Document (Holding Tax Receipt/ Electricity Bill Copy) & Rent Deed for Landlord. (Title Deed/ Gas/WASA copy of bill)
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