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EBL RFCD Account
EBL RFCD is a Deposit account for resident Bangladeshis which can be opened with foreign exchange brought at the time of their return from abroad. Only Resident Bangladeshies can open this account.
Persons resident in Bangladesh may open RFCD account with foreign exchange brought in at the time of their return from abroad.
Age 18+
Minimum Initial Deposit
USD 500 / GBP 350/ EURO 500.
Required Documents
Completed application form
A written declaration from the depositor mentioning the date of return from abroad and the amount of foreign exchange brought in
FMJ form if the deposit amount is greater than USD 5,000.
Copy of Bangladeshi passport with immigration arrival stamp in passport Standard account opening documentation.
Joint Applicant
Not allowed
Interest bearing deposit account
Account can be opened in USD, GBP & EURO
Foreign currency deposited in this account is freely convertible into Taka.
Deposited foreign currency may easily be sent abroad through banking channel.
Funds can be withdrawn locally in local currency.
No inward remittance is allowed into this type of account
Up to US$ 5000/= or its equivalent may be deposited in this account at any time after return to Bangladesh.
Amount in excess of US$5000/= or its equivalent brought in with declaration to customs authority in FMJ Form should be deposited in this account within 30 days of arrival.
Interest will be payable if EOD balance is above USD 1,000 or GBP 500.
No ledger fee
International Card
International Card will be issued against the account
Card usage/fees/regulations shall be as per EBL cards Terms & conditions.
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