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EBL Travel card is an unique prepaid card based on travel quota to use all over the world which one can buy from any of EBL Branch and will get instantly on depositing money. EBL Travel card can be used anywhere in the world (For purchasing and withdrawing cash) except Bangladesh after making the endorsement on the passport. One can buy a travel card of USD 50$ to USD 5000$ under the facility of Travel Quota on paying equivalent amount of BDT.
Quick Facts
Acceptance- Worldwide except Bangladesh
Minimum initial purchase of value
- $ 50
Usages Limit (Non-SAARC countries)
- $5000
Usages Limit (SAARC countries and Myanmar)
- $1500
24 hour ATM Cash withdrawal limit
- 75% of the loaded amount in maximum 8 transactions per day
24 hour purchase transaction limit
- 100% of the loaded amount in maximum 12 transactions per day
- 2 years (Renewable)
- Valid Passport
- Available TQ limit
- National ID
- Photograph
Before you Purchase your EBL Travel Card
All you need to know about
1. What is it?
EBL Travel Card is a prepaid Visa card available over the counter to both EBL and non-EBL customers. It has been specially designed to give you more convenient access to your own money – in the USD – while you’re traveling.
Purchase an EBL Travel Card and you can have your foreign exchange ready to use anywhere outside Bangladesh, you will no longer need to worry about running after money exchange houses while you are abroad.
It’s a Visa Card, which means it is accepted at over 29 million locations worldwide – including shops, car rental companies, travel agents and ATMs.
Peace of Mind
Advanced fraud detection software helps to protect your transactions and each card has a separate PIN so, if you lose your card, your backup card will still work.
The EBL Travel Card is easy to purchase as no bank account or credit check is required. You don’t even need to be an EBL customer to buy one. All you have to do is fill up the Application form, provide a copy of your passport and get the amount endorsed from EBL.
2. How do I use it?
You can use your EBL Travel Card to withdraw cash from ATMs or make purchases wherever Visa is accepted electronically.
When you make a purchase with your EBL Travel Card, you are not charged a transaction fee:
The merchant will put the card through the merchant terminal
Upon authorization a charge slip will be printed
The merchant will then request your signature for authorization
The merchant will give you a copy of the charge slip as proof of transaction
When you withdraw local cash from an ATM (outside Bangladesh), a fee ($2.00 or 1% of the withdrawal amount, whichever is higher) applies:
Put your card into any Visa-enabled ATM
Enter your PIN
Select the Amount button (or the overseas equivalent)
Get your cash
Selecting the Amount button (or the overseas equivalent) on ATMs or purchase at merchant terminals gives you access via the Visa network to the stored value on your EBL Travel Card (there is no provision of credit on the EBL Travel Card).
3. What are the benefits of the EBL Travel Card?
It’s prepaid – load a maximum of $ 5,000 for Non-SAARC countries and $ 1,500 for SAARC countries & Myanmar. The amount is determined by Bangladesh Bank for a calendar year. Worldwide ATM access to withdraw cash (75% of the loaded amount) in local currency through any Visa-enabled ATM.
No transaction fee for purchases
Accepted electronically at over 29 million locations worldwide
Privilege of a backup card to be safe against lost or theft of your primary card
PIN-protected for your security
Roaming cell phone bill payment facility
Reloadable in Bangladesh against remaining individual travel quota
24-hour access to your balance and transaction history through EBL Cards Center (+88 044 7670 1031-34)
4. How secure is my money?
No money is stored on your card, nor is it linked to your bank account. This means better protection of your money if your card is ever lost or stolen. You can also take a backup card, which has a separate PIN from your primary card. That way, if one of them is lost or stolen, you still have access to your money.
Advanced fraud detection software (which aims to detect unusual spending patterns and unusual transactions) also helps to protect your transactions.
5. What is the backup card for?
When you purchase an EBL Travel Card, you will get two cards: a primary card and a backup card for added security. If you lose your primary card while you’re overseas, you can still access your money with your backup card which has a different PIN. You must not provide either your primary or backup card to any other person for their use.
6. How can I get local currency or purchase locally with USD?
You can make purchases and withdraw local money regardless of what country you are visiting.
For example, Mr. Choudhury is traveling to Thailand, he purchases a US dollar (USD) EBL Travel Card and loads $ 3,000 and benefits from the security and flexibility of a prepaid Visa card while traveling. He can withdraw Thai Baht from Visa accepted ATMs at Thailand whenever he needs local cash. After that he visit Australia – at there he can withdraw Australian Dollar from Visa accepted ATMs. And purchases can be done at all Visa signed stores.
When the local currency is different to the currency of the card (like Mr. Choudhury in the example above) the actual transaction amount will depend on the Visa exchange rate on the day of the transaction, i.e. between your card’s currency (here USD) and the local currency. However the fees will not differ and no additional currency conversion fee will apply. Visa-enabled ATM withdrawals still attract the fee (in USD) and there is no transaction fee for purchases.
7. How much does it cost?
Issuance Fee BDT 500
Initial Load Fee Free
ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee USD 2.00 or 1% of the withdrawal amount (in USD) whichever is higher
Reload fee Free
Card Pre-Closure/Refund Fee BDT 100.00 or 1% of the remaining balance whichever is higher
Card/PIN Replacement Fee BDT 200
Statement Request BDT 50 per Statement
Voucher Retrieval BDT 200 per Voucher
Certificate Fee BDT 200
Transaction Fee for purchases Free
Balance Enquiries (over phone) Free
Please contact EBL Cards Center for additional information and possible fees or charges.
8. How much money should I load onto the card?
How much money you will need depends on how long you will be staying overseas and what your expenditure will be.
For example, Mr. Choudhury is traveling to Paris for 2 weeks. He purchases an EBL Travel Card and loads $ 2,800 onto the card for his trip. His accommodation is $100 per night and he has budgeted $100 spending money per day plus some emergency money.
As a guide, here are some budget considerations:
Hotel accommodation
Meals (including tips)
Cab/Taxi charges (to and from airport)
Public transport costs
Entry to tourist attractions, galleries & museums
Shopping for souvenirs and gifts
Attending concerts & shows
Emergency money
Please note, the total amount will not exceed the annual individual travel quota entitlement as stipulated by Bangladesh Bank. Your passport endorsement is a must for any travel quota utilization.
9. Where can I get my EBL Travel Card?
EBL Travel Card is available at EBL branches. The application forms can be obtained from EBL authorized points, but the filled up form, documents and money has to be deposited at an EBL branch location. EBL holds the right to verify the identity of all EBL Travel Card holders.
To purchase a card, you can use cash, cheque / pay order (in these cases, your card will not be active the amount is collected by EBL) or pay from your EBL account.
Using my EBL Travel Card
1. How do I reload money onto the card?
You can reload your EBL Travel Card by going to one of our branches and paying with cash, cheque or pay order. All you need to do is fill up the reload voucher and submit to the counter.
2. How long can I use the card for?
The card is reusable and valid for up to 2 years. (Expiry date is printed on the card).
3. What is the monthly inactivity fee and how the Renewal Fee is charged?
Some Card Issuing companies charge a fee called monthly inactivity fee – which is if you do not use the card for a stipulated time, the Issuer will charge you a certain fee. At EBL Travel Card there is no monthly inactivity fee. That means you can have your full amount / balance intact till you use it for the next time.
EBL will block the card at the time of renewal (one year after the date of issuance for the first time). You need to pay the renewal fee by filling up the renewal fee deposit slip at any EBL Branch and we will activate the card for another year. Please note; the physical plastic expiry date is 2 years after the date of issuance. After that you need to buy a new Travel Card.
4. What happens if I have money left over on the card?
If there is money left on your card when you return home, you can either continue to use it, keep it for your next trip, or close it and redeem the outstanding balance. If you want to encash the unused balance, a written application needs to be submitted to the EBL branch. After verification and approval, EBL shall disburse the amount in Cardholder’s EBL Account or issue a pay order favoring the customer (in this case, pay order charge shall apply and shall be deducted at source).
5. What are the limits and how much I can have on the card?
Minimum initial purchase of value $ 50
Usages Limit (Non-SAARC countries) $5000
Usages Limit (SAARC countries and Myanmar) $1500
24 hour ATM Cash withdrawal limit 75% of the loaded amount in maximum 8 transactions per day
24 hour purchase transaction limit 100% of the loaded amount in maximum 12 transactions per day
6. What happens if I lose my card or it gets stolen?
If you lose your primary card, you can still access your money using your backup card which has a different PIN. You must report the lost/stolen card by calling the EBL Travel Card Customer Service so we can cancel / block the card for you and activate the back up card. If you find the missing card, after reporting it as missing, you will not be able to use it and will need to cut it diagonally through the magnetic strip.
If you have not taken any back up card, and your primary card is lost – then you may call the local Visa emergency numbers and get a duplicate card by paying relevant fees. Please call our 24-hour Cards Center for any of such emergencies and we will guide you through.
Tips for keeping your card safe
Keep your primary and backup cards in different locations (e.g. one in your wallet and the other in Your suitcase)
Do not leave your card lying around in your hotel room
Memorize your PIN(s) or change them to something you will remember easily
7. Can I check my card information online?
No, at this time you can not access your card balance, account information, and transaction history and change your PIN online but you can do these by calling our 24-hour Cards Center. Please remember your Customer ID number for all references.
8. Who do I contact for help?
We are here to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
EBL Travel Card Customer Service:
Phone: +88 01979325521-4; or +88 01819 278811 / 22
Email: cardsteam@ebl-bd.com
9. Where can I use it?
EBL Travel Card can be used at more than 24 million locations worldwide, wherever Visa is accepted electronically. This includes in-store and any Visa ATMs around the world. You can check the Visa network in your desired country of travel by logging at www.visa.com.
10. Can I use my card in an ATM that dispenses a different currency?
Yes, you can use your card all over the world. For instance, if you are traveling to Europe but have a few days’ stop-over in Singapore, you can use your EBL Travel Card while in Singapore wherever Visa is accepted electronically. The exchange rate applied will be the applicable Visa rate for the purchase on that day between USD and Singapore dollars. When you withdraw local cash from an ATM, a small fee (in the currency of your card) also applies.
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