EBL Agent Banking

The primary target of EBL Agent Banking is to penetrate the unbanked areas and cater banking services to potential customers who are currently outside of the traditional banking periphery. In this regard, EBL has launched Agent Banking in November, 2018.

Through Agent Banking, EBL is now offering its exclusive banking services and prominent service excellence to the unbanked segment of the society, especially in geographically dispersed locations. With support of state of the art IT Infrastructure, efficient operational structure, sound financial strength and outstanding management capability; Eastern Bank Limited is always one step ahead to manage high value agents all over the country and extend its real time, online and distinct banking experience through its strategic agent network.

Our Services

  • Biometric cash deposit and cash withdrawal (no Cheque / FX transaction)
  • Inward foreign remittance disbursement
  • Bill payment
  • Transfer of funds between accounts
  • Payment of salaries
  • Balance inquiry
  • Opening of Current/ Savings Accounts, FD, DPS
  • Collection of Debit Card and Cheque Book applications
  • Collection of documents in relation to accounts etc.

Exclusive Privileges of Agent Banking Clients

  • All Current & Savings Accounts can be opened with balance as minimum as Tk. 200
  • Specific FDs can be opened starting from only Tk. 10,000
  • Selected DPS can be opened with monthly installment starting from Tk.100 only
  • Optional Debit Card issuance facility
  • Free Internet Banking
  • 24x7 Contact Center service

Agent Related Information

Benefits of Becoming an Agent

  • Obtain one of the highest and most attractive commission packages in the banking industry
  • Attain reputation from affiliation with a well-known banking organization like EBL
  • Achieve ownership dignity
  • Differentiate from other existing businesses etc.

Eligibility for Becoming an Agent

  • Agent will have at least 1 (one) year old valid business license or permit    
  • Agent must have a clean CIB & Police Verification Report

Non Eligibility for an Agent

  • Bank related persons/ Bank officials will not be eligible to become an agent in the same bank within 1 (one) year of his/her retirement or resignation   
  • Anyone who has ongoing agent banking contract with another bank    
  • Defaulters with any bank or financial institution 
  • Bankrupts
  • Convicted by a court of law    
  • Under investigation for any criminal charges

Information & Documents Required from Agents

  • Trade License (for Proprietorship Company)
  • Certificate of Incorporation/ Certificate of Registration, MOA, Latest X & XII From (for Limited Company)
  • Description of the business activities for the last one year (Business Profile)
  • Address and contact details of the Agent
  • NID & passport sized photograph of the Business Owners/ Directors
  • Bank Solvency Certificate
  • CIB Report of the Business Owners/ Directors
  • Police Verification Certificate of the Business Owners/ Directors
  • Tax Certificate and/ or TIN Certificate
  • Reference letter from at least two local persons with good social standing
  • Application for becoming an Agent of EBL
  • Self-declaration that the Agent is not convicted by a court or under investigation for any criminal charges or terrorist financing activities
  • Self-declaration that the agent is not involved into agent banking with any other banks
  • Any other relevant information that impacts the agent

Manpower Requirement for an Agent Outlet

  • Minimum 2 staffs from Agent for providing customer service and cash transactions

Cost Distribution for an Agent Outlet

  • Agent should bear all construction/ renovation, furnishing and IT equipment related costs
  • EBL will bear all branding and Bank Representative (EBL staff) related costs.

Prohibited Activities for an Agent

An agent shall not:

  • Enter into agent banking contract with more than one bank 
  • Make transactions using cheque
  • Transact in foreign currency   
  • Charge customers directly any fee beyond banks’ prescribed fees    
  • Carry out a transaction when there is error in the system/ transactional receipt cannot be generated    
  • Be run or managed by a bank’s employee or its associate    
  • Offer any type of guarantee in favor of any customer   
  • Carry out any appraisal function e.g. grant loan  
  • Representing the bank in any means to a third party without written consent from the bank  
  • Offer banking services on its own accord (provide banking services on its own account similar to those provided by it under an agency contract) or offer services that the principal is not authorized to offer   
  • Continue with the agency business when it has a criminal record or disciplinary case involving fraud, dishonesty or any other financial impropriety    
  • Provide, render or hold itself out to be providing or rendering any financial service which is not specifically permitted in the contract

Business Hours for Agent Banking

Conventional banking hour can be maintained but Agent has the freedom to extend business hours with prior approval from EBL. Transactions should remain for the whole duration of business hours.

EBL Agent Banking Outlets

Chattogram University Gate Agent Outlet

1 No. Gate Chattogram University, Hathazari, Chattogram

Phone :01777202057

AKCM Hospital Agent Outlet

Amzad Khan Chowdhury Memorial (AKCM) Hospital, Gorosthan Bazar, Chandpur, Pirganj, Natore Sadar, Natore

Phone :01711414840

Hazratpur Agent Outlet

Hazratpur Bazar, Central Mosque Gate, Keraniganj, Dhaka

Bagbari Agent Outlet

Deen Islam Tower, Horindhora (Shaympur), Bagbari Road, Hemayetpur, Savar, Dhaka

Uttar Wapda Agent Outlet

Uttar Wapda Bazar, Purba-Shullokia, Noakhali Sadar, Noakhali

Phone :01723493944

Baliakandi Agent Outlet

Rowshon Ara Super Market (1st Floor), Elish Kol, Baliakandi Bus Stand, Baliakandi, Rajbari

Phone :01716285913

Batiaghata Agent Outlet

Muhammadnagar, Jalma, Batiaghata, Khulna

Phone :01757176864

Boro Bazar Agent Outlet

73 West Mecot Road (Fol Pottir Mor), Boro Bazar, Khulna

Phone :01719404328

Godagari Agent Outlet

Azad Super Market (1st Floor), Thana Road, Godagari, Rajshahi

Phone :01701078027

Boalkhali Agent Outlet

Wares Mohsena Shopping Complex, Jotpukur Par, Kanungopara College Road, Sarwatoli, Boalkhali, Chattogram.

Phone :01840089422

Rangunia Agent Outlet

Haji Abdul Khalek Building, Sonali Bank Mor, Mariam Nagar Bazar, Mariam Nagar, Rangunia, Chattogram.

Phone :01867113546

Fatullah Agent Outlet

Haji Chan Mia Market, Boktaboli Bazar, Fatullah Thana, Narayanganj

Jahidpur Agent Outlet

Jahidpur Notun Bazar, Chhatak, Sunamganj .

Phone :01745711781

Rupasdi Agent Outlet

Saimon Plaza, Rupasdi Uttar Bazar, Bancharampur, Brahmanbaria

East Chandraganj Agent Outlet

Chandraganj East Bazar, Begumganj, Noakhali

Phone :01757582235

Panchgaon Agent Outlet

Jamuna Market (1st Floor), Panchgaon Bazar, Bijoynagar, Brahmanbaria

Phone :01779914898

Damnash Agent Outlet

Damnash Bazar, Bagmara, Rajshahi

Phone :01733845244

Taherpur Agent Outlet

Alom Super Market(1st Floor), Taherpur Bazar, Bagmara, Rajshahi.

Phone :01747201000

Hazipara Agent Outlet

Hazipara, CO Bazar, Dhap, Rangpur.

Phone :01711464114

Laxmipur Agent Outlet

Laxmipur Bazar, Kuliarchar, Kishoreganj

Phone :01620708771

Narayanpur Agent Outlet

Narayanpur Bazar, Belabo, Narsingdi

Bashundia Agent Outlet

Sobjan Plaza(1st Floor), Bashundia Mor, Narail Road(Puraton Mach Bazar), Jashore Sadar, Jashore

Phone :01953320032

Gothkhali Agent Outlet

Sarder Market(1st Floor), Gothkhali Bazar, Jhikargacha, Jashore

Phone :01710728726

Rampal Agent Outlet

Sreerambha Mor, Gourambha Bazar, Rampal, Bagerhat

Phone :01756457085

Goaldah Agent Outlet

Goaldah Bazar, Sadar, Jashore

Phone :01830674356

Nazirpur Agent Outlet

Nazirpur, Pirojpur, Barishal

Phone :01751111167

Baintola Agent Outlet

Kharabad, Baintola, Batiaghata, Khulna

Phone :01680666199

Kotchandpur Agent Outlet

Kotchandpur Kacha Bazar, Kotchandpur, Jhenaidah

Bhairab Agent Outlet

1472, Kazi Nazrul Complex (Ground Floor), Kamalpur, Bhairab, Kishoreganj

Nowly Bazar Agent Outlet

Nowly Bazar, Siddhipasha, Abhaynagar, Jashore

Bagmara Agent Outlet

Bhuiyan Shopping Center (1st Floor), Bagmara Bazar (Middle), Bagmara, Lalmai, Cumilla

Phone :01836340081

Kaliganj Agent Outlet

Microbus Stand, Jashore Road, Kaliganj, Jhenaidah

Phone :01814114143

Chandanaish Agent Outlet

City Garden (1st Floor), Joarar Rastar Matha, Chandanaish, Chattogram

Phone :01811182224