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to EBL Skybanking: All-In-One Mobile Banking App

Experience the future of banking with EBL Skybanking, your all-in-one mobile banking solution. With an array of advanced features, EBL Skybanking offers unparalleled convenience, security, and efficiency for both personal and business needs. Discover how our mobile banking app, EBL Skybanking transforms your financial management.

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Fund Transfer

The EBL Skybanking fund transfer feature enables users to transfer funds conveniently from their accounts or cards to other EBL accounts, EBL cards, and accounts at other banks. Using NPSB for quick inter-bank transfers, RTGS for real-time high-value transactions, and BEFTN for reliable electronic fund transfers, our versatile and secure service enhances banking efficiency. Enjoy the ease of online banking and ensure your transactions are completed swiftly and securely in EBL Skybanking.

My Banking

My Banking is a feature that allows users to effortlessly manage their finances. With this service, users can transfer funds between their own accounts, recharge their own mobile numbers, make MFS transfers to their own MFS account, and pay their own credit or prepaid card bills—all without an OTP. Simplify your digital banking experience with My Banking and take control of your financial transactions with ease in EBL Skybanking.

Schedule Transfer

The Schedule Transfer feature allows users to plan their fund transfers for a future date. This convenient option lets users set up transfers in advance, ensuring their transactions are executed automatically at the specified time. Enjoy the flexibility and peace of mind that comes with knowing your scheduled transfers will be handled seamlessly by our banking app, EBL Skybanking.


The Certificates feature in EBL Skybanking allows users to effortlessly download various certificates, including Account Certificates, Tax Certificates for Accounts, Balance Certificates, DPS Certificates, Loan Outstanding Certificates, NOCs Against Loans, and Loan Tax Certificates. Access important documents whenever needed with ease, streamlining your digital banking experience with EBL Skybanking.


The Receipt feature enables users to download and share receipts after completing a transaction through EBL Skybanking. This provides a convenient way to keep and distribute transaction records as needed. Keep track of your financial transactions and ensure you have all necessary documentation at your fingertips.

Statement Download

EBL Skybanking now offers a convenient "Statement Download" feature. Users can effortlessly download their bank statements for any period up to the past 6 months. Stay on top of your finances by accessing detailed account statements directly from our online banking platform, EBL Skybanking.

Mobile Recharge

Recharging mobile credit through EBL Skybanking is fast and easy. Ensure you stay connected by recharging your and other’s mobile numbers directly through our mobile banking app, EBL Skybanking. Enjoy seamless digital banking services that cater to your everyday needs.

Optimize Your Banking Experience

EBL Skybanking is designed to provide you with the best mobile banking experience. Whether you need to transfer funds, manage your accounts, or access important documents, our online banking and digital banking features are here to help. Download the EBL Skybanking app today and transform the way you bank.