Cash Management Unit

Cash Management, in the banking perspective, is the offering of products and services to process clients’ receivables and payables efficiently, therefore ensuring the bank’s deposit growth at the lowest possible cost.Cash Management Unit (CMU) is the Liability Engine of the corporate team. Cash Management Unit caters the following services for corporates:

  • Liquidity: Liquidity means an immediate capacity to meet one company's financial commitments. The degree of liquidity depends upon the relationship between a company's cash assets plus those assets which can be quickly turned into cash, and the liabilities awaiting payments could be met immediately. EBL CMU Team helps corporate customers to maintain liquidity by offering different accounts/ products.
  • Collection: One of the major ingredient of Cash Management is Collection Solution. CMU Team facilitates collection of sales proceeds of corporate customers and arrange to provide them MI on regular interval for easy reconciliation.
  • Payments: Another pillar of Cash Management is the payments proposition. CMU provides the corporate customers a smooth and secure platform to disburse all their payment requirements (both electronic and instruments).