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EBL Treasury
EBL has a dedicated Treasury team which is capable of providing all treasury solutions through wide range of Treasury products. EBL Treasury has five different desks to prove superior service with respect to pricing, best possible solution for customer requirement and market information.

The different Treasury Desks are as follows:
The Money Market Desk:
The EBL money market desk is one of the most active and efficient desk in the inter-bank market of the country. Dealers exercise all the existing MM products like call money, term money, swap, Repo & Reverse- Repo & securities swap etc.
Fixed Income & Investment Desk:
Banks need to maintain liquidity in form of CRR (Cash Reserve Ratio) & SLR (Statutory Liquidity Ratio) as per Banking Company Act. Investment in various Govt. securities like Treasury bills and Bonds in different tenors, debentures qualify for SLR. EBL actively participates in Govt. Securities auctions for investment in SLR maintenance and also generation of risk free fixed return on Securities Investment.

EBL Fixed Income & Investment Desk also participates in secondary market trading of Govt. Securities though EBL is not a Primary Dealer.
Asset Liability Management (ALM) Desk:
EBL has a highly efficient ALM desk. The ALM Desk provides analysis, instruction and guidance in the area of asset liability management in order to promote the financial well being of a financial institution. Asset liability management is the process of ensuring an FI remains financially viable through adequate capital, stable earnings, and sufficient liquidity.
Foreign Exchange Desk:
EBL - Forex desk offers full range of vanilla and derivative products in forex.
These includes spot, forwards (USD/BDT, Major cross currency), swaps in addition to high yield structured deposits linked to currencies, interest rates. EBL- forex desk is one of the leading market maker in USD/BDT spot, swaps, forward transactions in inter-bank market. EBL has good sources of forex through its own export customers, Non-residence Remittances and local & multinational corporate houses remittances / exports.

EBL is also well equipped to price world major currency spot & forward prices. EBL treasury is connected to the international market through on-line Dealing Platforms of different international banks enables EBL to quote very competitive prices on world major currency spot & forwards.
Corporate Sales Desk:
EBL Corporate Sales Desk assists clients in managing their risk exposures so as to minimize the impact of market volatility on the company. This includes analyzing the business/balance sheet structure of the company and quantifying the net exposures in terms of interest rates, foreign exchange, mismatch in cash flows, etc. Based on the risk appetite of a client, hedging strategies are then tailor-made to suit the client's needs.

Up-to-date market information and research, a wide range of hedging products and a team of qualified treasury specialists are some of the main features of the corporate sales desk.
Other miscellaneous activities:
Treasury Newsletter
EBL Treasury brings out a daily & quarterly financial news update for the Corporate houses and Non Residence Business houses. It contains a detail commentary on the money & forex market movement. One can avail the copies from the download section of our website.
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