EBL Oil & Gas Card

No need to worry about your fuel expenses anymore! Now, you can issue a supplementary EBL Oil & Gas Card to your driver for meeting your regular fuel expenses. Set a spending limit on the card and get notifications on each transaction.

Following are the features of EBL Oil & Gas card:

  • The card will be accepted at more than 100 Fuel stations
  • No need for cash to purchase fuel
  • Set spending limit on supplementary card
  • Statement to track fuel expense
  • Transaction Alert for each transaction
  • Free VROOM Silver Membership card for car related service

EBL Oil & Gas Card FAQ

Q. What is EBL Oil & Gas card?
A: EBL Oil & Gas Card is a card for driver(s) of the primary credit cardholders to control daily fuel expense. This is a supplementary credit card issued against the primary card.

Q. Who is eligible for EBL Oil & Gas Card?
A: Primary cardholders using Visa or Mastercard branded credit cards are eligible to have EBL Oil & Gas card for his/her driver(s).

Q. What is the issuance fee for the EBL Oil & Gas card?
A: First two supplementary cards (including EBL Oil & Gas supplementary card) issued against the primary card are free. The issuance fee for supplementary card mentioned in the latest Schedule of Charges will be applicable for EBL Oil & Gas card.

Q. Where can I use the card?
A: EBL Oil & Gas card can be used at more than 100 Fuel stations across the country where Visa and Mastercard payment network cards are accepted. 

For details of Fuel Stations which have EBL POS machines, please download the list.

Q. Who can use EBL Oil & Gas card?

A: The card is designed for the drivers of primary cardholders so that they can use the card for purchasing fuel as per their need.

Q. What is the maximum limit for a supplementary card?
A: Primary cardholder can decide the supplementary card limit.

Q. Can someone use EBL Oil & Gas card at ATMs to withdraw cash from ATM machines or perform e-com transactions?
A: Cash withdrawal from ATMs and online transactions are not allowed with EBL Oil & Gas Card

Q. Can someone use this card to access SKYLOUNGE?
A: No.


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