Mastercard Titanium Credit Card

Zero Renewal Fee

You do not need to pay the Renewal Fee for your EBL Mastercard Titanium Credit Card if you perform minimum 24 transactions in a year. This gives you the opportunity to save by using the card more.

Complimentary Access to SKYLOUNGE

Make your waiting time at the airport a pleasant one with EBL Mastercard Titanium Credit Card. EBL Mastercard Titanium Cardholders will get complimentary access at SKYLOUNGE at HazratShahjalal International Airport, Dhaka and Shah Amanat International Airport, Chattogram (domestic only). You can take a guest along with you. Moreover, cardholders’ children below 12 years of age get complimentary access too.

EBL LoungeKey

EBL LoungeKey Program, an elite global privilege to enhance your travelling experience. Enjoy access to more than 1100 airport Lounges around the globe with your EBL Mastercard Titanium and World Credit Card. You will have access to the lounges just by presenting your EBL Mastercard Credit Card. No requirement of additional pass or membership card. This benefit is available only to EBL Mastercard Titanium and World Primary Credit Cardholders. For more details, please click here.

Up to 45 Days Interest Free Period*

EBL Mastercard Titanium Credit Card offer up to 45 days’ maximum interest free period. Any purchase transaction or cheque is considered for interest free period of maximum up to 45 days and minimum 15 days.

Free First Card Chequebook

Your EBL Mastercard Titanium Credit Card comes with a free chequebook. You can use the cheques where cards are not accepted or if you want to do your regular cheque-type transactions (A/C Payee only).

Risk Assurance Program

EBL Mastercard Titanium Credit Cardholdersare entitled for Risk Assurance Program. In case of death or disability of the cardholder (maximum BDT 10 lacs) :

  • The entire outstanding amount will be waived    
  • Equal amount will be paid to the beneficiaryof the cardholder

Great Discounts

Your EBL Mastercard Titanium Credit Card comes with a world of privileges at more than hundreds of exclusive shopping, travelling and dining outlets in Bangladesh. You can enjoy up to 50% discount with your EBL Mastercard Titanium Credit Card at these partner outlets. The great discounts allow you either to save money or shop more with the same amount you are spending now. Spending has never been so great! Click this link for detailed information:

Free Supplementary Card

First two supplementary cards are free per client, on request. 


EBL Mastercard Titanium Credit cardholders can avail ZIP facility - an equal installment plan that allows the cardholder the flexibility to convert retail purchase transactions at partner outlets into an installment scheme where the cardholder pays back the amount over a tenor ranging from 3 months to 36 months without any interest. The customer enjoys the flexibility to buy high value items on EBL Mastercard Titanium Credit Card and conveniently pay in monthly installments without any interest at partner outlets.Please find the ZIP partner list at


EasyCredit is an EMI plan where you can make EBL to EBL account transfer, EBL to other bank account transfer through EFTN or issue pay order from the unutilized balance of your credit card at a reduced interest rate of your EBL Mastercard Titanium Credit Card.


EBL SKYCOINS is a world-class customer reward program offered by Eastern Bank PLC. EBL SKYCOINS offers more ways than ever before to make great things happen – premium category EBL Credit Cardholders can earn EBL SKYCOINS with every retail purchase transaction and redeem them over flight booking, hotel booking, car rental booking, online shop, gift voucher. So, enjoy the best reward program of the country by choosing EBL * Credit Card. For more details, please visit:

Convenient Payment Option

You can pay any amount ranging from minimum amount (EMI amount+5% or BDT 500/$10; whichever is higher) due to total amount due for your credit card and you have following Payment Options-

  • Cash Payment at Branch or EBL DROPBOX    
  • Auto Debit Facility from EBL Account
  • Payment through EBL SKYBANKING App / EBL Internet Banking
  • Payment Through BEFTN

Limit Lost Card Liability

In case the Card is lost or stolen, call the EBL 24X7 Contact Center and report the loss of your Card. A new Card will be sent to you at the earliest of reporting this loss, upon your request. You are protected from any financial liability arising out of transactions done on your missing card, from the time you report the loss to us.

24X7 Contact Center

For any and every card related need of yours, EBL Contact Center is there to serve you 24X7. Just dial 16230 from any mobile phone in Bangladesh or dial +8809612316230 from any phone, anywhere in the world and ask for the service or information. You can also email your queries to

Conditions Apply